IMG_1374Red Owl

Bird of wisdom and compassion. A good totem for a healer or sage.

Owl brings understanding. You are a philosopher, drawn to the knowledge and wisdom of the past. You have a thirst for learning. Sometimes it is difficult to stay focused on the everyday world, but Owl will help you. You will find magic and mystery in everything you do.


The Dasa people, living high in the mountains of Gort, believe that we have at least one power animal beside us on life’s journey. This animal is a guardian spirit, as well as a brother, sister and friend. It is also a messenger from our ancestors, and a reminder of our connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky.


The messenger. Totem of creativity, focus, psychic awareness.

If you have Hawk flying beside you, you are able to rise above the world, taking the higher ground. You need to see the bigger picture, otherwise it can feel like you are stuck in a cage.
You have a special reason for being here. If you keep your eyes open and your mind free of fear, Hawke will guide you on the journey.

snow leopardSnow Leopard

Totem of self reliance and courage. Keen powers of observation. Determination and awareness. Truth, honesty and integrity.

If you walk with Snow Leopard you will face many situations which develop your ability to trust your inner self. You may feel abandoned and alone, but Snow Leopard will always be with you.


Totem of strength, vitality, and courage. Master of your domain

If Wildcat walks with you, you are a loyal friend and a brave defender. Your personality is charismatic, magnetic and vibrant. People will follow you anywhere. While you enjoy a challenge, you don’t like to be bossed around or taken for granted.

golden-eagle2Golden Eagle

The master of the skies. Totem of the east, spirit of the air.

Eagle reminds you to be brave and trust yourself. You are eternal. You have no limits. Soar above the little things, broaden your ideas of who you are. Look higher and touch the sun with your heart.

wolfShadow Wolf

Unlike the loyal Wolf, the shadow wolf is overprotective and doesn’t trust anyone. Someone who walks with a shadow wolf is often a ‘lone wolf’, avoiding emotional ties. He is aggressive and angry, and feels much pain.

When Wolf steps out of the shadows he becomes an ally, loyal and true. He is loving, protective and faithful to those around him.